Here is How:

Think like a leader.

Imagine a leader who has influence with his/her team and the team willingly cooperates, maybe excitedly even.

What are the qualities of that leader?


Okay, what kind of leadership do you respond to? What is the best way for someone to engage you and your cooperation?
When do you willingly cooperate? How does someone earn influence with you?

Still confused?

Okay. Who do you NOT like to cooperate with. What kind of people or leaders, or managers turn you off and make it so you don’t want to go the extra mile for them.

What do they do?

Kids are the same. Children will respond to parental leadership the same way team members and employees respond to organizational leadership.

This is a key insight into understanding how to get kids to willingly cooperate more.

If you get this, it’s a game changer.

How good would it be to get cooperation? You ask for something to get done, and it gets done.

It’s possible.

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