Parent and Relationship Coaching with Drew Tupper

You feel disconnected and frustrated in your most important relationships.

You want it to be easier and you want deeper connection.

With your children, you want less yelling, less anger, and more patience and cooperation.

With your partner, you want fewer disagreements, fewer misunderstandings, You want your partner to really get you and you want to really get your partner. You want more trust and connection with your partner (both emotional and physical).

You are ready for real change.

I can help you. Read though the notes on my Client Tributes page to see what you changes you can expect.

You do not have to do this alone. I will walk with you, step by step. I will support you and hold you accountable to achieving what you want. I will teach you the skills you need to succeed.

There is hope!

Parenting can be really enjoyable and rewarding. It can be fun and peaceful.

Relationships can be really deep, intimate, cooperative, fun and sexy!

“Working with Drew was hands down the best decision I could have ever made that drastically changed the course of my life, my parenting, my relationships, and most importantly my relationship with MYSELF! It was not easy. Many times Drew challenged me and said the things that were hard for me to receive.  At times I felt angry at him and wanted to refute what he was saying or even avoid our phone calls.  He challenged me with love however, not judgment.  His compassion and belief in me were tangible, and he held the high watch for me that ultimately guided me back to my very best coach, my own internal one…” 

– Dr. Jennifer Olivieri