The Most Important Relationships You’ll Ever Have

Your family is everything to you. You want an amazing life with your family. This is your dream.

You want to lead by the best example for your children. You want to be patient, a skillful parent, and truly connected to your children.

You want to give your kids the best of yourself not only so you can all enjoy your time at home together but so that you make sure your children develop healthy; in mind, body, and soul. You want to give them the absolute best shot at a happy and fulfilled life. You want to make sure you are doing the right things for them.

You don’t like the idea of letting your kids down. That’s not an option.

You also want to have the most intimate and supportive relationship with your partner. You want trust, good communication, and deep connection. You want to really enjoy each other.

The idea of “going through the motions” with the love of your life does not sit well with you. You want an evolutionary relationship where you can grow together and fall more in love with each other as you go.

You know how important family life is and how it sets the foundation for the rest of your life. You are smart, capable, and determined, yet you have not found the success you’ve wanted in these most important relationships. You have struggled in parenting and in your relationship.

That’s okay. You can learn and you can grow. You can turn things around. You can have the family life of your dreams that will inspire you in all aspects of your life. It’s worth it.

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The Parenting Course

The Parenting Course – Digital Edition

8 Video Modules This essential course focuses on: Building Patience, Leading by Example, and Empowering your Children. It is based on the content in my book – Parenting for a Peaceful Home. It includes 8 recorded videos and a pdf workbook.


The Book

Client Tributes

“Coach Drew Tupper is one of the best investments I’ve made in my personal development.”

Working with Drew is like being in a safe container to explore the feelings and thoughts I don’t want to face alone.”

“There is so much benefit from working with Drew, it’s hard to convey my overwhelmingly positive experience in just one review.”

Coach 1:1 With Me

If you have decided you need some personalized help, and the time is right, one-on-one coaching may be for you.

There is no pressure to do coaching. It is only for those who are ready and who want support, challenge, and transformation.

I coach in an intimate and supportive container. When we work together, all of my focus is on you, all of my energy is directed at you. 

I coach a small number of people at a time in my coaching practice. My clients get the best of me.

Each coaching relationship is curated for each individual person and what he or she most wants to create in their life. I meet you right where you are at, and we create from there. You are the curriculum.

I generally work with people for 6 month periods. This allows for deep and sustainable work to happen. I have a sliding scale fee structure that ranges from a $1000 to $10 000 investment.

If you are serious about working on yourself, schedule a call with me. I don’t work with everyone I talk to. We can meet each other and discuss if we could be a fit to work together.