Tanya Crawford

By helping me get back to myself and what makes me happy, my entire life has benefitted.  I am forever grateful.

I think it’s because Drew has so many layers that he is able to help all kinds of people. He is completely genuine and when I spent time with Drew, I felt he understood all of my questions and challenges as if he had experienced them all himself. This made me feel completely comfortable sharing and asking things I wasn’t comfortable sharing with anyone else because Drew is so trustworthy and kind. 

Drew wants you to live your best life and be your best, most happy, authentic self. I had forgotten how to do that, or even what my wishes were. I came to Drew initially with no specific questions, just a blank stare on the screen, not knowing where to begin, but I knew I wanted things to be better. Drew’s kind and open nature helped me in areas of my life I had determined weren’t worth working on or that I had forgotten about. 

If you’re stuck and just don’t know where to start, Drew will help you.  He helped me.

If you’re a parent looking for a different way to see your children, this may be one of Drew’s greatest strengths. He treats children as the true treasure chests they are and helped guide me to a place where I could understand their experiences from their perspective. It has influenced my parenting in ways I could never have expected and pays off in dividends every minute of every single day.  I know when I look back on my life and my relationship with my family, I will always remember how different it all could have been without Drew.