Sue Nickerson Cobb

Working with Drew is like being in a safe container to explore the feelings and thoughts I don’t want to face alone. He makes it fun! I always feel in my power after a session and am able to take inspired action steps to create healthier relationships with myself and my loved ones. 

Drew’s grounded, peaceful, and solid presence is contagious and sets the stage for great healing work to take place. I was looking for a deeper understanding of how I can connect more with my children and he helped to facilitate that in an empowering way. Admittedly, I had trepidation prior to the first call. Feeling like a good Mom is a very important thing to me and I found myself worried that I’d unearth something terrible about my parenting! Drew’s non-judgemental and easygoing manner alleviated that concern right away. He helped hold me accountable for what I was really feeling and thinking and compassionately helped me move the energy so that positive solutions could flow through. We got to laugh along the way too!

Drew has empowered my journey in many ways! Being coached by him has positively impacted my relationship with my kiddos, my emotional intelligence, and has increased my level of compassion for others. I feel more confident and enthusiastic and am excited to see that ripple out into my work, relationships, and overall well-being.