Fathers, Respect your Daughters


Listen to your daughters. Hear them. Really hear them. Spend time with them and be 100 per cent present. Ask their opinion on things. Listen to their no’s and their yes’s. From what age you ask? From birth.

A little girl who has grown up being respected, valued, and loved will look for this in a mate as she grows up. She will be internally motivated to interact with respectful and loving men. No need for shotguns, threats, or pleading with your daughter not to date jerks. This type of parenting empowers your daughter to deeply understand for HERSELF what a good man is.

So, fathers, this is your work. This is your job. Show your daughters love….and respect. Be with them and teach them the experience of what it feels like to be completely respected and valued.

Question: Do you know what it really means to do this with a child? Do you know how to empower and really respect your child so that they believe they are 100 per cent worthy of respect? Do you know the pit falls that can convey the opposite message? It’s worth getting clear on. The implications are huge.

A child who has been respected will hold their head high and carry themselves in a way that informs everyone else in the world that they deserve respect. It will be integrated into the DNA of who they are.

This is deeply impactful parenting. This is powerful parenting. It’s the kind of parenting that I teach. Contact me to learn how you can parent in a way that will change your life and the lives of your children, forever and for better.

Take Home:

Here is something you can try right away,  Ask your daughter for help, or let her lead. An example of this would be: being her sous-chef while she cooks something. Give her the control. Default to her and let her make all decisions. Ask what you could do and how you can help. It’s fun!


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