Patient Parent Course

A course for parents who want less stress, less yelling, less frustration and more peace. I am facilitating a course for you to help you get what you want, to help you create a home environment that you can enjoy.

The 6 week course includes

  • 6 Group Calls (90min) on real life parenting issues (Zoom)
    • The calls each include a Lesson on strategies that will focuses on you becoming a self regulated parent who creates a calm and enjoyable home environment.
  • A Private FB group for course members
    • Content from the lessons will be shared in the group
    • Homework and additional content and resources will be shared in the group.
    • The group is also a place where you can share about your life and get support from Drew and other members
  • A Personal (one on one) Coaching call with Drew. You will book with Drew a 90 min call to focus in and dive into your personal challenges and areas for growth.

The Content by Week

  1. Patience Starts with Parent (Self Compassion and Self Forgiveness)
  2. Emotional Awareness (What’s happening inside you, and inside your child)
  3. Self regulation (Strategies for the parent and the child)
  4. Managing your Triggers
  5. How Meeting your child’s needs can calm them down
  6. Dealing with Conflict  (Staying on the same team)

I look forward to hearing from you and am sincerely excited about the progress that can be made.

The course cost is $299.00 USD. To sign up for the course, please click here and enter your name, email address and I will contact you.

With Love and Respect,