Jennifer Olivieri

Working with Drew was hands down the best decision I could have ever made that drastically changed the course of my life, my parenting, my relationships,  and most importantly my relationship with MYSELF! It was not easy. Many times Drew challenged me and said the things that were hard for me to receive. He challenged me with love however, not judgment. His compassion and belief in me were palpable. He held the high watch for me that ultimately guided me back to my very best coach, my own internal one. 

I learned through working with Drew to sit with my discomfort rather than avoid it by distracting myself. This is the true work, and I could feel that it was an inside job that depended on my participation and commitment. Into the work we went, and Drew shined his light with levity and love. He led me back into my worth, which gave me the strength to have difficult conversations where I previously would have acquiesced…where I would have prioritized someone else’s comfort at the price of my own. 

Drew was my guide to help me heal my wounds. The one who never felt “good enough”. He taught me how to give myself what I needed rather than to seek it externally.  I learned to truly love myself. In doing such, I was then able to extend that love outward. 

I was able to be less reactive to my children when they were emotional, and create space for them to feel safe with me… to feel loved by me because I accepted them, finally, because I accepted myself. By learning to love myself, I became more loving. I was able to give what I previously felt I was lacking. This gift, this healing has invited love into my life exponentially. Thank you Drew for extending your heart, and leading me back into mine. You held my hand through the eye of the needle, and we even got to laugh a lot along the way. 

I am eternally grateful.