Dr. Albert Reimer

After a few coaching sessions, I perceive a lasting change and a strong movement towards the direction where I want to go as a father and a person. Parenting has become less stressful for me, and little by little I see how my children are responding and living with more inner peace, less impulsiveness, and with more kindness. Play between the siblings is more enjoyable, I notice an increase in kindness and respect between the children. We have also had short but great conversations about how they feel loved by me and how to best connect with each other.

The coaching with Drew has helped me to become more AWARE of myself, my thoughts, my feelings… which in turn helps me to actively change my thoughts and behaviour when I notice it going a direction where I do not desire to end up at. Not only that but to step away and not parent in the heat of things, but take time to let emotions calm down so reason can come in again. In short: most work (all the work) has to be done in me and on me; my change and behaviour will then reflect on the family. Ownership and leadership of myself are important. Included are also set priorities and a long term vision, personally and in parenting.

Drew has great insight and a keen perception of areas of tension or stress that can lead to disconnectedness from the family, which in turn cause stress and negative behaviour. I am deeply grateful for important tools learned and for insight gained. Awareness, ownership, assertiveness, and breathing have been game changers for me. Thanks Drew!