“I truly feel like I owe much of the positive relationship I have with my children to discussions I had with Drew early on in parenting.”

“Drew helped me find the confidence I needed to get out of my comfort zone. He gave me weekly challenges and checked in with me throughout the week to see how I was doing. He was also great at interpreting my thoughts and feelings and empowered me to see myself in a more positive way. “

“Our family really appreciated Drew’s valuable insights on how to continue to identify our comfort zones and know when to push beyond them in order to strive towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.”

“It challenged me to sharpen my skills and gain new ones”

“Thank you Drew. Your insight and support have been instrumental in my life on many levels. I have worked with many professionals and many different modalities and I keep coming back to you to work on my deepest challenges and find my way through to the truth. Over and over again you have seen me and empowered me to listen to my heart and follow it and I am forever grateful.”

“Drew was more than a facilitator, his aim was to empower and challenge. As parents it is wonderful to see this and it inspires us to go along this path too.”