Client Tributes

The time I spent with Drew was transformative.

Our conversations lead me to further develop my own self worth and value. I found my voice and it is confident, strong, and loving. He guided me in ways that were kind, yet firm, to get me past deeply rooted patterns that have hindered my growth.

His coaching has gifted me the confidence to advocate for myself, navigate hard conversation, and foster loving relationships. He is genuine, compassionate, and always offers the exact support I need for any scenario I throw at him.

I am beyond grateful for his guidance and friendship.

Drew, you’re awesome. You are making a wildly positive impact on the world.


Coach Drew Tupper is one of the best investments I’ve made in my personal development.

I’ve worked with many coaches, and I was a coach for a decade myself. He has a way of being gentle in his delivery, discussing behavior and psyche. I am a better father and husband because

Drew guided me into seeing and recognizing more mature and masculine ways to take care of my family and business. I didn’t expect to receive a benefit in my business, and I did because we discussed interpersonal communication a ton, and that led me to be more compassionate.

I highly recommend Drew. He’s not just another Coach, he’s a gem and a rare find.

But be willing to change and grow.

I was introduced to Drew through a really good friend on mine, and absolutely loved the way our first introduction call went.

Drew has a true gift and wants to share it with those that are willing. What really stood out to me is that he was also invested in making sure we were a good fit, rather than just working with everyone who wants to.

He helped me through one of the hardest times in my life. I felt alone, weak, and very confused. What I love about his style is that he’s gentle but honest, and his questions are so well thought out. I think it’s vital to understand that we believe what we tell ourselves and through Drew I was able to tell myself a better story of who I really am as a person.

If you want to be the best version of yourself I highly recommend getting to know Drew.

If you are committed to parenting your kids in a conscious way, I highly recommend having Drew by your side.  Drew is full of the kind of deep wisdom that comes from walking the talk–imperfectly, authentically and consistently.  What I loved about working with Drew is that he was able to hold so much space for my fear, worry, and shame around parenting, but also left me feeling like I was wise, powerful and able to be the kind of parent I wanted to be.  From our work together, I got more love and compassion for myself, more love and compassion for my kids and actionable steps to take to move me in my desired direction.  Drew is an incredibly gifted coach and I’m so grateful for the light he brought to my world.

Working with Drew is like being in a safe container to explore the feelings and thoughts I don’t want to face alone. He makes it fun! I always feel in my power after a session and am able to take inspired action steps to create healthier relationships with myself and my loved ones. 

Drew’s grounded, peaceful, and solid presence is contagious and sets the stage for great healing work to take place. I was looking for a deeper understanding of how I can connect more with my children and he helped to facilitate that in an empowering way. Admittedly, I had trepidation prior to the first call. Feeling like a good Mom is a very important thing to me and I found myself worried that I’d unearth something terrible about my parenting! Drew’s non-judgemental and easygoing manner alleviated that concern right away. He helped hold me accountable for what I was really feeling and thinking and compassionately helped me move the energy so that positive solutions could flow through. We got to laugh along the way too!

Drew has empowered my journey in many ways! Being coached by him has positively impacted my relationship with my kiddos, my emotional intelligence, and has increased my level of compassion for others. I feel more confident and enthusiastic and am excited to see that ripple out into my work, relationships, and overall well-being. 

By helping me get back to myself and what makes me happy, my entire life has benefitted.  I am forever grateful.

I think it’s because Drew has so many layers that he is able to help all kinds of people. He is completely genuine and when I spent time with Drew, I felt he understood all of my questions and challenges as if he had experienced them all himself. This made me feel completely comfortable sharing and asking things I wasn’t comfortable sharing with anyone else because Drew is so trustworthy and kind. 

Drew wants you to live your best life and be your best, most happy, authentic self. I had forgotten how to do that, or even what my wishes were. I came to Drew initially with no specific questions, just a blank stare on the screen, not knowing where to begin, but I knew I wanted things to be better. Drew’s kind and open nature helped me in areas of my life I had determined weren’t worth working on or that I had forgotten about. 

If you’re stuck and just don’t know where to start, Drew will help you.  He helped me.

If you’re a parent looking for a different way to see your children, this may be one of Drew’s greatest strengths. He treats children as the true treasure chests they are and helped guide me to a place where I could understand their experiences from their perspective. It has influenced my parenting in ways I could never have expected and pays off in dividends every minute of every single day.  I know when I look back on my life and my relationship with my family, I will always remember how different it all could have been without Drew.   

Drew is one of the most beautifully neutral people I’ve ever met. As someone very sensitive to other people’s reactions, Drew’s calm and non-judgemental vibe gave me the psychic space I needed to actually focus on my own emotions. Drew listens closely, and in every session shrewdly helped me piece together some new insight about myself I hadn’t noticed before.

His encouragement to check in with my feelings multiple times a day was a game changer. Those things, coupled with his playful sense of humour, made for a powerful yet strangely pleasant coaching experience that I would recommend without hesitation to any other being seeking to make changes in their life.

Drew is the real deal.

Working with Drew was hands down the best decision I could have ever made that drastically changed the course of my life, my parenting, my relationships,  and most importantly my relationship with MYSELF! It was not easy. Many times Drew challenged me and said the things that were hard for me to receive. He challenged me with love however, not judgment. His compassion and belief in me were palpable. He held the high watch for me that ultimately guided me back to my very best coach, my own internal one. 

I learned through working with Drew to sit with my discomfort rather than avoid it by distracting myself. This is the true work, and I could feel that it was an inside job that depended on my participation and commitment. Into the work we went, and Drew shined his light with levity and love. He led me back into my worth, which gave me the strength to have difficult conversations where I previously would have acquiesced…where I would have prioritized someone else’s comfort at the price of my own. 

Drew was my guide to help me heal my wounds. The one who never felt “good enough”. He taught me how to give myself what I needed rather than to seek it externally.  I learned to truly love myself. In doing such, I was then able to extend that love outward. 

I was able to be less reactive to my children when they were emotional, and create space for them to feel safe with me… to feel loved by me because I accepted them, finally, because I accepted myself. By learning to love myself, I became more loving. I was able to give what I previously felt I was lacking. This gift, this healing has invited love into my life exponentially. Thank you Drew for extending your heart, and leading me back into mine. You held my hand through the eye of the needle, and we even got to laugh a lot along the way. 

I am eternally grateful. 

Working with Drew in a coaching capacity really helped open my eyes. I learned that there’s not always two sides to every story, there’s usually more. That nugget of knowledge was a catalyst to get curious about. . . everything really.

Drew provided a safe environment for me to face down some of the behaviors and thoughts I had and helped me face them head on and with help. Drew was the safe and judgement free sounding board that helped me develop new approaches to old problems.

There is so much benefit from working with Drew, it’s hard to convey my overwhelmingly positive experience in just one review. Before I started working with Drew, I was constantly frustrated with the interactions with my son when he wouldn’t listen to me or do the things that I asked him to do. That’s what led me to my first conversation with Drew. Working with Drew opened my eyes to my parenting style and how is wasn’t building the connection that I wanted to have with my son. Apart from my relationship with my son, Drew helped me realize how I was showing up in other areas of my life were not bringing me the results that I ultimately wanted. Furthermore, he helped with various strategies to process things that have happened to me in the past that I didn’t realize were having a negative presence in the present. Having Drew hold me accountable to the things that I wanted to change was yet another benefit of his coaching in order for me to make lasting change. If you’re on the fence about his coaching, just jump right in, you won’t regret it.