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Your life will change and the lives of your children will change for the better. My clients experience lasting and positive shifts.

I teach Emotional Intelligence (EI) to Dads. With EI communication improves, cooperation improves, and peace is possible.

I start with the parent because the parent sets the tone. As parents we are leaders. Our children look to us and learn from us. There are good leaders and not so good leaders in the world. The same is true of leaders at home. However, good leadership can be learned, and it needs to be. After all, we were never taught how to parent. If you want to do it well, it requires learning and practicing. But…it’s worth it.

Who are you?

You are driven to make a difference in your family life, your work life, your community and in the world. You feel the urgency to use your time wisely, to use your life wisely.

Personal growth is serious business to you, yet you don’t take yourself too seriously. My clients are motivated, fun, and curious too.

What is the Investment?

I offer coaching packages to suit all levels of investment.

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