EI Course

Would you like to be more capable and effective in your understanding of emotions and in your communication?

Just like anything else, there are skills to learn. Are you ready to learn? Are you humble and hungry to learn?

I am facilitating a powerful  6 week Boot Camp that will change your life for the better.  INCLUDED with the course is 2 one on one coaching sessions with Drew.

This is the content we  we will cover:

6 Week EI Course

  • Week # 1Your History  (Why Emotions can be difficult)
  • Week #2Emotional Awareness (How do you really feel, How do you know?)
  • Week # 3Deep and Solid Presence (Stay centered during emotional moments)
  • Week # 4Skillful Listening (Be fully present, Actively Listening, Express Empathy, and Validation)
  • Week #5Understanding Her (Your truth and Her truth can coexist)
  • Week #6Effective Communication (Clear, Concise, Compassionate and Confident)
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Enter your name, email address and in the comment section please tell me a brief bit about you and your situation. We will set up a call to see if this is right for you.

The Boot Camp will involve a weekly Zoom meeting of 90 min and homework to do in between calls. It requires accountability, to the men in the group and to you. It requires that you show up for you. No one else can or will do this work for you.

Spaces are limited. Click here to express interest and to book a call with me.

From Boy to Mature Man

This work is for men that want to break patterns that are not working. This work is for men who want something better and are willing to work for it. This work is for men who are finished with status quo and want something better, deeper and more rewarding.

This work leads to better communication, more confidence and ultimately more self respect. Yet, this work is not selfish. This work will have you serving others more powerfully than you could have ever imagined. When you improve yourself, when you lead by example, it benefits everyone around you. Are you ready to become the man you know you can be?

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With Love and Respect,