Book Club for Men

Join me/us for a weekly book club on Thursday’s at 4:30 pacific time for 1 hour. Starting November 2nd, 2023.

Contact me to Register and to get the zoom link.

It is free, but will be limited in number and will be for men who can commit.

It will be thought provoking, powerful, and you will meet other good men.

Starting in November, we will be reading Robert Moore’s book: The King Within.

Expand your knowledge, expand you community, expand you heart:

“The King at the center of every man’s soul is now returning to consciousness. His return is heralded by many men’s growing sense of empowered masculine authenticity and by their enlarged capacity to empower others: other men, their friends and co-workers, the women in their lives, and their children. The inner King integrates power and nurturing, firmness and caring, courage and creativity, self-affirmation and self-sacrifice. From his central position between the world of imagination and the world of action, the King within challenges every man to take up his own scepter, to dream dreams, and to make them come true.”