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    The Man is Always Wrong Phenomenon

    I’m sure you’ve heard of this. There are plenty of jokes and memes about, including the one below. This is how it goes for some men: Even when he brings a concern, she flips it on him, and now some how he is the wrong one. Wrong for making her…

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    Sexier Relationship

    Especially for men who learn toward anxious attachment and codependence. Breathe some life into your sex life. I’ve coached many men on this with great results. Of course there is more to it, but here are a few tips to get you started. Love, Drew

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    Drama at Home

    This is happening more than people admit. Perfectly professional men (and women) go home and argue with their partners and yell at their children. It’s not good. It’s not good for the family. Why does this happen? When we leave home and go out in public, accountability on our behavior…

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    Handle Her at Her Worst

    There is a saying that goes: Children need love the most when they are acting the most unlovable. The same is true for everyone really. If you feel like your partner is attacking you personally, judging you, criticizing you, and blaming you… and you realize in the moment that she…

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    What She Won’t Tell You

    Something needs to change. She is pulling away. The divorce word has come up. Your confidence is shaken. She isn’t happy with you. And you know it. You can feel that she doesn’t trust you. And perhaps rightfully so. You know that you have not been at your best. You…

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    People Pleaser in Relationship

    If you are people pleasing in your marriage it will mean that you won’t speak for or stand for your desires. You will suppress what you want and be oriented to what your partner wants. And it will mean that you will just hope that your partner can read your…

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    Mary To Saturnio

    The time I spent with Drew was transformative. Our conversations lead me to further develop my own self worth and value. I found my voice and it is confident, strong, and loving. He guided me in ways that were kind, yet firm, to get me past deeply rooted patterns that…