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I was never taught the skills of conscious relating, of self awareness, or self regulation. Not many of us are. I didn’t know much about emotional intelligence, communication and how to create holistic success and fulfillment. Being smart and capable wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t just figure it out on my own…which was frustrating. I tried for a long time. But I tried alone, like a lone wolf. Only when I got real and consistent support and guidance did things really start to shift for me.


So, I’ve learned. For the last 15 years, this is what I have done. I humbled myself, decided to invest in my own development, and my own future. My life has improved dramatically. By working on myself, all of my relationships have improved: my family life, my work life and even the way I feel about myself. Now, I’m in the position to help. Visit my testimonials page.

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If we do not live intentionally,
then we will never, ever live out our values
or have the impact we long for.
Don’t let life happen to you
Instead, make your life happen.

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