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I am a Coach to parents and teachers. I am a father and teacher myself. I am also a husband to an amazing and wonderful woman who I love deeply.

I employ the teachings of Social Emotional Learning to help both adults and children regulate and manage themselves. With the awareness and self regulation practices I teach, everyone gets more of what they want: communication improves, cooperation improves, and peace becomes possible. It is definitely possible to have an enjoyable home life.

I start with the parent because the parent sets the tone. As parents we are leaders. Our children look to us and learn from us. There are good leaders and not so good leaders in the world. The same is true of leaders at home. However, good leadership can be learned, and it needs to be. After all, we were never taught how to parent. If you want to do it well, it requires an investment.

I am living proof that you can go from unskilled, angry, and ineffective to calm, competent, and connected. I have completely altered the trajectory of my family’s future in the best of ways. It is possible, but it requires a mindset and skillset shift. I’m happy to help any parent who is serious about getting better.

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If we do not live intentionally,
then we will never, ever live out our values
or have the impact we long for.
Don’t let life happen to you
Instead, make your life happen.


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