About Me

I’ve dedicated my life to seeking truth, purpose, and goodness. I am an educator, a certified teacher, and coach.

I have been lucky enough to find answers and learn from all kinds of amazing guides, teachers and mentors. But, I’ve struggled too. There were times when I felt, stuck, angry, and lost.

I’ve struggled both in love and in parenting. My marriage and my kids have been my greatest teachers in life.

My main challenges have been learning how to be patient, present and truly loving and supportive of my family.

My communication needed to improve. My empathy needed development. And I needed to step up my leadership.

The judgment and anger that I was expressing to my loved ones was ultimately a mirror reflecting. the anger and judgment I had toward myself.

It’s been a spiritual journey of sorts. I have found success in learning how to love my family better by learning how to love myself better, unconditionally. I finally found the goodness within me.

My growth hasn’t always been a straightforward path. But it’s been worth it.

My holistic and authentic transformation has allowed me to create the life that I want within my family and beyond.

Transformation into their authenticity and highest good is what I help my clients with and it is the most rewarding work I have ever done.

Thank you for reading. I honor you for considering any kind of growth for the benefit of yourself, you partner, your children, or the world.



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