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Dealing with children was hard for me. I used to threaten, yell, and spank. Being in relationship was also hard. I didn’t know how to communicate, to speak with kindness, or how to listen with love. I would often get frustrated and angry. I knew that I could do better, and that I had to if I wanted to have a healthy and happy family.


I am living proof that you can go from unskilled, angry, and ineffective to a calm, competent, and connected husband and father. I have completely altered the trajectory of my family’s future in the best of ways. It is possible, but it requires a mindset and skill-set shift. I work with motivated parents who understand the importance of this job. If this is you, schedule a call to see how much better things can be. Below you can read more about me.

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If we do not live intentionally,
then we will never, ever live out our values
or have the impact we long for.
Don’t let life happen to you
Instead, make your life happen.


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