Victimization leads to Anger

We can get angry when we feel victimized. It makes sense. Anger is a mobilization of power. But what happens is that power often gets misplaced upon children.

For example: Parent goes to work, has some tough interactions… kids pay for it later when parent comes home.

The good news is that if you become aware of where you are feeling disempowered in your life, you can take empowered action in those places… and then you’ll be less likely to use your children as an outlet or lighting rod for your need to reassert your power.

Win win. You feel more empowered. Your empowered actions actually make your life better. And then, your children get less of your displaced and unconscious anger put on them!

Your work life and home life become better. You feel better.

Your relationships improve.

You become grateful you did the work!

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