The Journey

There is a phenomenon that the wounding you experienced in childhood stays with you until you recognize it, take responsibility for it, feel it, grieve it, and then decide you’d like to show up in a different way.

You choose and learn new ways of being that support you in acting from from a place of wholeness. At first it’s scary because it’s unfamiliar and perhaps not even trustable.

There are landmines. There are missteps in trying on something new. There is overcompensating and undercompensating. There is unchartered territory. There is quicksand.

Invariably, you slip up, fall down, and temporarily decide to return to the strategies of the wounded you, just one more time to see if it will work this time.

But then you become aware again that that it’s not going to work, and it’s not what you want anymore anyway.

You don’t want the grasping, controlling, limiting, doubtful and fearful living.

You want liberation.

So, you forgive yourself for slipping up and forgive yourself for giving up.

Then you recommit to yourself and you try again.

Each recommital is and act of love toward yourself.

It is the reparenting you need. It is the inner parent within you saying: “Hey, I still love you” “You didn’t get it 100 percent right, that’s okay.” “You can try again” “I’m proud of you for trying” “I’m not going anywhere.”

So, don’t get down on yourself for the mistakes, They are opportunities to love yourself even more. To demonstrate unconditional love.

It’s that recommittal, the love that you experience again and again that leads you to the lived experience of self love, worth, and safety.

It’s you having your own back.

It’s a sigh of relief and a feeling of excitement all in one.

What is possible from this place?

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