Investing in Your Children

The biggest investment you can make in your child is an investment in your own development as a parent.

It pays dividends far into the future. Imagine what kind of impact you, your presence and your character has on a child. You are the model for mental, emotional, and physical health.

You are the home, you are environment in which they grow.

You are the soil for the seedling. Your nutrients nourish your child.

Don’t get me wrong. Investing in good learning opportunities to develop our kids and saving up for education/college are fine things to do.

Parents like to think about how to develop our children. What school, what sport, what extracurriculars would be good for him/her…

For a moment, I invite you to think about how we could develop ourselves first.

It’s often overlooked, isn’t it? Parents might not even know how they could invest in developing themselves.

Parenting requires personal development. There is no one I have met who was not challenged by parenting in some way. There are so many opportunities to grow from it.

So, for the most important job in the world, I suggest you dive into personal development. Books are good. Some great authors include: Dan Siegel, Dr. Shefali, Robin Grille, Becky Bailey, Laura Markham…

My book is also a great resource for parents who want more patience and composure in dealing with their children.

Along with books, there are courses you can take.

And some of the most potent work you can do is 1 on 1 work with a great coach.

Take your pick of how you are going to engage in developing yourself, but make the decision to develop yourself.

We get one shot a parenting. Our kids deserve the best from us.

With love and respect,


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