Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

The Inner critic can hold us down like a heavy anchor. Limiting Beliefs limit our progress, growth and enjoyment of life.

Beliefs are so powerful that they dictate our entire lives.

They can stop us from discovering who we truly are, putting roadblocks in our way. They can steer us in one direction when we yearn for another. They can tell us we are no good. They can judge us and berate us for our shortcomings.

As real as these beliefs feel, the voice is a ghost, intangible and unreal.

What is the medicine then? What is the antidote to the paralyzing self-critic. How do we set ourselves free?

Your focus is the medicine. You get to choose what you pay attention to. You get to choose what you believe in.

Believe in your goodness.

Love yourself relentlessly. Love yourself and forgive yourself again and again. When you fall off track, have compassion, refocus, and then get back on track. Take one step, and then another.

Change your language to be supportive of yourself.

Have patience. Understand that progress can take time.

Get Support. Coaching is amazing to shift your limiting beliefs. I highly recommend it.

Create the life you want one step at a time.

With love and respect,


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