Highly Sensitive Child

You might have a highly sensitive child, (or you may be highly sensitive yourself) if you see some of the following:

– Bothered by their clothing tags, uncomfortable fabrics, tight-fitting clothing
– Overwhelmed by lights, sounds, and smells
– Aware of and affected by changes in the environment
– Aware of and affected be people’s moods
– Highly curious, asking a lot of questions
– Strong desire for autonomy and freedom
– Empathetic, intuitive and perceptive
– Anxious about new situations
– Sensitive to pain
– Introspectiveness

Highly sensitive people have heightened senses, physical, emotional and spiritual senses. It’s not really a problem. It’s actually a gift. However, it’s not treated as a gift, because these kids are frankly more work. They can be demanding.

However, if you can learn to work with them, and not make them feel bad for who they are, well, that’s a good thing for them and you. Because they are also HIGHLY sensitive to shame.

If you think you might be or your child might be highly sensitive, here are resources that can help.

Emotion Coaching

The Highly Sensitive Child

Parenting for a Peaceful Home

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