Have you noticed that the bond between you and your child(ren) is damaged?

👉 Is there disconnect?
👉 Is there distance?
👉 Is there distrust?

Have you tried to fix the bond but it’s not really working?Are you finding out that you cannot force connection?

Have you found out that although you can make your child spend time with you, you can’t make them enjoy it?It’s humbling to be in this position.

For parents who are used to having control —–> you can’t control this one.Love doesn’t work that way.And your child does not owe you love, just because they are your child.

So, what happens if this continues? What will your relationship look like 5 or 10 years from now?

Do you know what changes do you need to make and how you need to make them if you want things to be different? I believe it’s worth it to find out.

What do you think?

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