Nice Guy Syndrome

If you are a nice guy, you likely are not in a sexually fulfilling, or otherwise fulfilling relationship.


– Nice guys seek approval above all else
– Nice guys are needy
– Nice guys are indirect
– Nice guys are actually manipulative and controlling
– Nice guys are transactional
– Nice guys lack self love and confidence
– Nice guys don’t know how to stand for what they believe
– Nice guys are not trustable
– Nice guys are ashamed of their needs
– Nice guys don’t actually do a good job of hearing their partners because they are too busy making it mean something about themselves

In short, it is behavior that is not sexy. It is not attractive. It does not draw a partner in, it repels.Are you are nice guy?

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There are reasons nice guys are the way they are. They (we) were conditioned to be like this. It can be undone. On the other side is Self love, Confidence, and Purpose. And Sexy relationship!! 🔥🔥🔥

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