Reap What We Sow

Toxic parenting leads to toxic relationships later on. How kids learn to relate when they are young repeats itself later on in adult partner relationships.

Toxic parenting sounds like this:

– You are making me sad/frustrated….
– Do this for mommy
– You’re not sad. Stop crying. You are just trying to….
– If you don’t do X I’ll be angry/upset
– You knew what you did was bad.
– Good girls do X.
– It’s your fault that you got punished
– You deserved to be punished
– If you were a good boy you would do X
– Why can’t you be more like X.
– You are too much. I can’t handle you.
– Make daddy proud and ….
– When you grow up you should…

What happens when a child learns that his/her behavior seems to dictate the mood and emotions of his/her parent to such a great extent?

How does he/she show up in relationship later on?

What happens when they learn that they have to be a certain way in order to receive love or approval.

Do they learn the lesson that:

“Love and acceptance are conditional”. “My feelings don’t matter”🙁 “I am responsible for other’s feelings” 🙁

What does that marriage look like for that person who learned those lessons?


There is a way out, both in parenting and marriage. Healthy separation, individuation, boundaries, empathy, gratitude and clear agreements and communication.

–> Empowerment, Autonomy and Interdependence.

You can unlearn old ways and chart a new course! Message me and I will send you a free PDF to get you started.

With Love and Respect ❤️


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