Men, Feel Yourselves

One of the most counterproductive things men can do is to promote the idea that we don’t have emotions, don’t feel, or feel less than others. It’s often seen as manly not to care, not to be sad, scared, or overwhelmed.

To deny the existence of something is to remain unaware of it. In the unaware state, there is no managing or mastering. Just more confusion and resentment/disgust with oneself as emotions inevitably sneak to the surface.

Emotions exist, be sure that they do. Feigned denial of this reality means self imposed ineptitude with regard to emotional literacy. And EI is fast being recognized as one of the most important things for success in all aspects of life.

Your emotions are GOING to influence your behavior. It’s your choice whether or not you want to learn how…or, if you’d like to keep flying in the dark.

It’s like denying the existence of your hands. “What me? Nope. I don’t have hands. Never seen them. Other people have hands, not me. It’s cool. I don’t want hands anyway. They’d get in the way of things.”

You cannot ever USE your hands well, understand their capability and master their purpose if you never acknowledge their existence. How silly would this be? Yet, the same shit is happening all over the planet with regard to men and emotions.

You can see in our humor and discourse how we often promote the notion that we are just really simple, one dimensional and all too happy about it. It’s a defense mechanism for not knowing what the hell to do with emotion and feeling shameful for having feelings.

Here is the truth.

  • Men have emotions. You have emotions. BIG emotions. Big heartfelt, fully justifiable emotions.
  • It is not cool to deny yourself access to something so important and impactful in your life.
  • The awakened man understands that avoiding is no longer an option. It’s both feet in with humility and willingness to learn. A desire toward building skills and self mastery.
  • A bonus is that once some emotional literacy is achieved, we can share in mature and meaningful ways our deep realities with people in our lives who would love to understand who we are in our fullness. Good right? Deep connected relationships with ourselves and with the people in our lives.

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