“You are wrong, and you don’t make any sense.”

“You are wrong. I don’t understand you. You don’t make sense”…is toxic messaging inside a relationship. It leads to relationship breakdown whether it’s a spouse or child.

If you invalidate someone enough, they will pull away from you, if only energetically. Yes, you might still be in relationship, or live in the same home, but the emotional distance will be like a giant chasm.

What to do? Get curious about your defensiveness and need to be right. What are you protecting? Why? You can commit to healing that wound, to healing yourself. You can get help. It’s okay to reach out.

And Yes! You can repair relationship ruptures. You can learn new tools of acceptance and validation. You can even validate yourself! What would it be like to live in acceptance and love and not with judgement? WOW!

What would it be like for those around you to feel like you really understand and love them? 😀🤔😮😍😍😍

I can tell you it’s awesome!! So much better than negativity and judgement. It’s so much more and enjoyable and fun too! We have one life to live y’all, how are you going to do it?

Let me know how I can help


*photo credit to Rising Woman

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