–Your Family as an Amazing Organization–

🤔Thought Experiment 🤔
What kind of organization would you love to work for, an organization that you would describe to your friends as amazing? Imagine not so much the actual work, but the atmosphere or tone when you walk in those doors? What does it feel like to be at work?
What is present, what is not present?
Who is the leader to set such an amazing tone? How does he/she interact with your and your coworkers? What are the conversations like that you all have? What are the qualities that this leader possesses so that this organization is so amazing?
What qualities are present in this leader, which are not?
Now imagine children for a minute. Do you think they would appreciate and react to a parental leader acting in a similar way? What do you think would happen if you decided to learn and embrace similar qualities and strive for creating an amazing organization at home… with your family? 😀
With Love,

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