The 3 Misunderstandings

Misunderstanding # 1

You are not good, you were not born good. There is something wrong with you. You are not acceptable the way you are. You are not enough. You need to be something different than who you are.

Have you felt this kind of disqualification before? This kind of rejection? I have. You need to be better. You are not good enough. Not like this your not.

What does a person do when he feels like this? When he feels that deep feeling of somehow not being good enough the way that he is? He panics, fearing that this is true. He runs, hides, and shrinks away, or he fights, he explodes at the injustice of it all.

This misunderstanding has been responsible for more pain and suffering in the world than anything else. This misunderstanding has started wars.

He asks a question that can’t be answered. Why am I not good enough? Torture.

He eats, drinks, he overworks, he purchases, consumes, strives to be enough… but can’t quite ever get satiated.

Misunderstanding # 2

Because you are not good, Goodness, (happiness, spirituality, fulfilment, divine presence) is obviously located somewhere outside of you.

You are separate from goodness. The only thing that can help you is somewhere outside of you. As a result, you need to go find that goodness somewhere else so that you can finally have it. You have to have the right job, make good money, join the right club or church, make the right friends. Be accepted by the right people. Supposed access to goodness is done by proxy and/or pledging allegiance to certain beliefs. Either way, someone else has the keys to your fulfilment. Not you.

The misunderstanding says that because you are not inherently good, you have to DO something to make up for that. And whatever it is, it’s likely going to be hard, because goodness is not your true nature. You have to will yourself to do these good things because you are self interested and bad.

Misunderstanding # 3

Mistakes are proof that you are bad. You can’t make mistakes, or if you do, you have to hide them and be ashamed of them. The second part to this misunderstanding is that if you do make a mistake, you can’t forgive yourself. You don’t have the power to forgive yourself. It’s not even possible to forgive yourself. A bad person doesn’t have the power to forgive himself.

You are not allowed to. Only someone else can do that. Again the keys to your forgiveness/wholeness/goodness are in someone else’s hand.

Good thing it’s not true.

Do you want to hear the truth?

You are good. You are good enough. You were born good and you want to do good. How do I know. I can see it in you. I can feel it in myself. This is the truest thing that I’ve ever felt. The amount of goodness and love within you is infinite. How could it not be. You are connected to the universe, you are the universe. You are not separate from goodness. You are goodness in human form.

How do I know? I can see the love and light within you. It is in you. How do you know? Well, how do you feel when you do good things? When you show someone love, tell the truth, when connect with people… commune and create? How do you feel then? Resonance?

What about now? What if we are quiet now. What if we listen for a bit, can we feel it. What if I grab your hand and look at you in the eye? Can you feel it? It’s up to you to believe it. But once you do. Once you take the leap of faith that you really and truly are good, your life will change in an instant.

But there is a catch. Another thing that goes along with this is that if I am good, than so are you. If you are good than so am I. If I am good and you are good then so is she…and so on. Could you take that leap of faith?

So, you are not separate from your goodness. Not at all. You never were. It resides in you. It always has, and always will. You are free to connect with and feel that goodness at anytime. Nobody holds the keys but you. No one can stop you from embracing and embodying your goodness. You do not need permission.

This goodness is present in everyone. Look for this goodness and speak to this goodness in everyone and you will see people glow before your eyes. You can breathe goodness into people by witnessing it in them.

We’ve been focusing on the wrong lesson. We’ve been trying to get people to do good by telling then that they are not good…hoping they would be motivated to chase it and capture it.

It’s not working. The right lesson is that by reminding people just how good they are, they are going to be compelled to do good because it’s in their nature. It is who they are. What do you think would be possible from this place? What would you feel like doing if you were constantly reminded of your goodness? What if children at a young age learned THIS fundamental truth? What if?



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