The Absolute Amazing Power of Acceptance

Observing and accepting the emotional experience of yourself and your child might be the secret to calm and skillful parenting.

When you observe and accept, you diffuse reactionary responses in yourself and your child. When you accept your emotions it means really acknowledging and becoming aware of them. When you become aware of your own personal state and accepting of it, wiser choices are made. Choices based in love, not fear.

Without awareness and acceptance, Reactions run the show, not wisdom.

Also, when you truly accept the moment : you Honor, you Value and you Love. You can do this for yourself and your child. You can connect deeply to your own experience and the experience of your child. This is super powerful!! Rather than wishing that a certain situation was different, we can become present to what is and metabolize it maturely and lovingly.

If we choose not to accept, ourselves or our children, we reject. And that leads to nasty things. Panic and defensiveness can result from NOT being seen, from feeling judged or disregarded.

So… SEE yourself. And SEE your child. Love yourself and your child.

We get to choose to SLOW things down and to make this a regular practice. The treadmill of life might be having you think you don’t have any time for this. But this is your treadmill, your path really, and you get to choose the direction and pace.

With observing and accepting comes a deeper sense of witnessing and feeling safe, for you and your child.

Imagine a parent who is able to give THAT to him/herself and to hold space for a child in this way… and then be able to teach the child how to do that.


What happens then? Where do we end up with people feeling accepted, seen and safe? What kind of behavior do we see?

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