Self Compassion for Parents

To the parents who are trying but feel it’s not enough:

There will be times when you make mistakes. For me…I will make many more mistakes. In these moments, we all have a choice to make. We can give ourselves compassion or judgement.

I’m hoping that you choose compassion, for you and your children. 

My other invitation for you that I do with my coaching clients is to celebrate wins. If there are times when you feel like you are breaking a cycle or choosing a better path, then celebrate. Celebrate with yourself, your spouse, or friends. Talk to someone. Be proud of yourself. Notice yourself and the fact that your effort is paying off. The fact that you are trying to improve is worthy of mention. Not everyone puts in an effort like this.

Self examination and improvement are hard. Being a parent is hard. The fact that you made it this far says something about you. Recognizing effort and progress is often hard for people who are hard on themselves. But this is a necessary part or the process. Go Go Go sometimes needs to slow slow slow… way down. 😀

If we are big enough to own our shortcomings then we have to be big enough to own our effort and progress.

If you are trying, that is enough, and you are enough. In your commitment to healing and personal development, you are charting a new course.  The entire trajectory of your life and the life of your family will be better as a result. This is big news. Things are changing for the better because of you!

Congratulations you! 😀

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