The GLUE that holds a Family Together

Do you want to know just how important CONNECTION is for kids? Watch this video below. Please.

This is what happens to babies when they are not seen and connected with: a stress response, agitation, confusion, upset, loss of body control and loss of self regulation.

This baby is calling for HELP, it cannot be mistaken. This baby’s actions cannot be mistaken for misbehavior or being spoiled. She is genuinely upset. We can see this.

As our children grow, we start to question their motives. We seem to forget just how important CONNECTION still is to our children. We start to label their stress responses as misbehavior and then even punish them for it. How sad.

Have you considered that a major part of the equation to help children learn to regulate themselves and their behavior is your calm, positive and attentive presence?

What would happen if you consistently embodied this calm, positive, presence?


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