Behavior Issues?

I coach Dads. One of the things that I help Dads with is behavior issues.
Most of the behavior issues that we talk about stem from only a few things that the child and family are having a hard time with:
  • Emotional safety and connection

  • Consistency/predictability

  • Autonomy

However! Because of parental stress, parents don’t notice these issues for what they are, and the problem persists and persists. The behavior gets worse and worse because the real issues are not being addressed. Family life becomes just another stress to add to an already stressful life. This is not the idea of a happy home that we envision. Home is supposed to be a refuge, a place to connect and reset.

To make things worse, so many parents feel bad about not being able to deal with their children, like they should somehow just know what to do. Well, this is not really fair. We are being a bit hard on ourselves here. Where else in the world, in what other skill or arena would we expect to just be good at something with no real experience or previous learning. Not to mention, parenting is a highly complex skill with a lot of moving parts.

I come by this work honestly. I have lived the life of the angry/stressed Dad. It was humbling for me to realize that I had a lot to learn. Humbling, no doubt, but absolutely worth it. Because:

When the real issues get addressed, huge improvements can been made and peace becomes possible. For real.

Reach out if you would like some help and would like parenting to be easier and more enjoyable. 🙂 


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