Lack of Respect = Rage

I know for a lot of parents (Dads especially) that RESPECT is big for them. The flip side to this is that a LACK of respect can be a trigger. My blood used to boil 🔥 when my child willingly disrespected me. It ended up being a lose-lose though. I wasn’t getting respect I wanted but I also wasn’t showing up like the mature parent I wanted to be.

This is a difficult situation to address because the emotions and frustration can be so intense around it. However, getting a handle on this difficult situation can catapult your parenting into a new realm of maturity and effectiveness. Imaging being able to remain calm and confident no matter what your children threw at you?

Imaging being able to get the respect you wanted? It’s possible.

Here is how I have helped so many parents who have had a hard time with lack of respect and their children’s behavior.

This is what we do:

👉 Uncover why respect is so important, what does it mean to you?
👉 Understand what happens when we don’t get the respect we want
👉 Learn how to maturely deal with triggering situations
👉 Learn how to effectively and consistently garner respect from your children
👉 Learn how to enjoy and maintain the new environment you have created

There are reasons why our children’s behavior can get under our skin so deep… as opposed to coworkers for example. It is really hard to see this in the heat 🔥 of the moment which is why we need to deconstruct it and deal with it outside of the moment.

As parents we unfortunately have big blind spots with regard to how much our own triggers and leadership play a part in affecting our children’s behavior. There is a big opportunity to get more of what you really want through investigating your expectations, managing your own behavior and leading and relating to your children in ways that will yield positive results.

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