Where are the strong fathers?

Do you want to be a strong father, do you want to have a strong presence In your home? Are you worried with all the weakness you perceive in the world? I’m a bit worried too.

I believe that children benefit from having a strong, purposeful, and principled father at home that cares for his kids and is fully present when he is with them. This is a difference maker for many kids.

Were you lucky enough to have a present and involved father. (I was) Do you know how to embody this strength? Do you want to learn?

Let’s be clear though, it is possible to be strong, present and involved without beating anyone’s ass. When you are a father who is able to be present without using aggression over someone smaller and weaker than you, you model what true integrity and self-control look like.

To me, THIS is a strong father. A man who knows his strength but chooses patience, self control and leading by example over aggression.

In Truth and Love,


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