My Dream – Empowered Children

It took me a few years to figure out what I wanted from being a Dad, but I’ve nailed it down. I want to raise strong, loving kids, that know that they are loved, and know who they are. In short, I want to empower my kids. I want to be clear though; I’m not trying to steer my kids into anything. I don’t have an attachment to their academic success or financial success. My ultimate goal is to help them live out a true expression of who they are. I want to trust who they already are, not some idea of who I think they should be.

In trusting our kids, fully trusting them, I believe something magical happens. I believe that when we embrace, and encourage our kids for who they are, they grow up feeling whole. Someone who feels whole, complete and enough is going to do great things. This person will do good things for herself, her community and for the world she inhabits. She will act from a sense of wholeness and confidence, not deficiency.

Thinking about this helps remind me of how I want to be as a parent. It helps shape my actions. What must I do if this is what I want for my kids? How must I parent and lead by example? And what must I avoid?

Have you thought about what your ultimate goal is and what you need to do to get there?


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