The Way to a Meaningful life is Taking Responsibility for Yourself

I posted this in my Facebook Dad’s Group, The Brotherhood of Dads. I wonder how it will go over. I am a fan of radical personal responsibility. However, not everyone is.

Don’t like your boss? Don’t like your marriage? Kids annoying you?

I’d like you to think about the possibility that you are part creator of whatever relationship dynamic you choose to be in. If the relationship is sour, it is because of you too.

If you are interested in learning more and growing, take the opportunity to understand your role in how it got to this point and how you too may have even led the dynamic to be dysfunctional.

👉Blaming others is easy. It’s played out. There is no growth there.👈

Taking responsibility for your end of the deal is where it’s at. That is the road to integrated wholeness. Taking responsibility includes owning your side of things, learning and growing from it.

🙏 Don’t twist this the wrong way. It doesn’t mean tolerating abuse. Taking responsibility for yourself includes standing up for yourself and asserting yourself, and ending things when they need to be ended.

The challenging thing here is to consider that we could be the creators of the shit piles that we are standing in. But sometimes this is true.

There is opportunity everywhere, everyday to become more of the man you want to be. YES it is hard to to own your shit and also assert yourself…it is hard, but that is the price to pay for self respect and meaning.

This message may be particularly useful for you if you are regularly complaining about others, defensive, writing off people as “too toxic” to handle…and if this post bothers you.

In Truth💥 and Love ❤️,


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