Props to Improving Parents

To the parents who have spent time examining and improving themselves in order to provide the best of themselves to their kids, I honor you and thank you. For me, my challenge was to become more patient and positive, calm and conscious.

Examining oneself is not easy, especially with regard to parenting. It’s sensitive business to be looking at how you could be doing things differently or better. It takes courage!

It can bring about feelings of shame and blame if we do some examining and realize that we’ve made some mistakes and have hurt our children. However, the reason to do this is never to make anyone feel bad or to lay blame, but to actually make things better and to bring out the best in children.

The focus is on the now. The past has happened. We cannot change the past. But you can learn from what has not been successful in the past and you can learn how to be more successful now and going forward.

So, kudos to you for putting the ego to the side and doing what is best for your kids even though it might have you feel uncomfortable. 


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