The Brotherhood of Dads

The Brotherhood of Dads is a Free Facebook Community to support and encourage Dads in becoming the best they can be.

Parenting is the most important job in the world. What we do and how we do it has such and important impact on the live of our children. If you are a Dad who is interested in learning more about how you could improve, I encourage you to join this community of supportive Dads.

Here we share the ups and downs of parenting and offer words of support and encouragement to each other.


The Brotherhood of Dads Mastermind Community

For fathers feeling more of an urgency to improve now, I have created a membership community that is committed to providing men with the mindset and skill-set they need in order to be their best. Here you are be supported in becoming the best father, husband, and man that you can be.

The Brotherhood of Dads Mastermind Community asks, “How do we have amazing relationships?” This is the the most important question you can ask. Life is about relationships. Master your relationships and see the results in yourself and everyone around you. Here are the relationships we dive into:

  • Your relationship with your children
  • Your relationship with your spouse
  • Your relationship with yourself (Self Esteem, Self Care, Health)
  • Your relationship to your work, or the work you would like to do in the world

The central theme, the common denominator, in all these relationships is you. As a result, the the Brotherhood of Dads Mastermind Community is big on personal leadershipIf you are interested in the question: “How can I work on myself in order to be a better father, husband and man?” I highly encourage you to join. Contact me to see if this is the right fit.

Get support. Get accountability. Get a tribesoul.jpg

“Teamwork is the secret that makes ordinary people get uncommon results”.
-Ifeanyi Onuoha. 





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