Outside Mirrors the Inside

Children’s behavior is a reflection of how they are feeling on the inside. This is true for all of us, but especially children. They don’t hide things as well as adults can.

So, if your child is demonstrating difficult or “bad” behavior, that means something is going on for him/her. If you can play detetive and help your child, they will calm down so much quicker. It really is about helping kids get their needs met. Here are some important needs that children have. Can you think how you could help your child meet these needs?

  • emotional safety
  • predictability
  • calm and connected environments
  • physical affection from parents
  • attention and presence from parents
  • play and stimulation
  • autonomy

When you are able to help kids out, they are much more likely to calm down and be cooperative. It also strengthens your relationship with them and makes for a more peaceful home.

Do it!

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One comment on “Outside Mirrors the Inside

  1. Spot on Drew. My son has recently been displaying behavioral issues in the form of dishonesty. When I unpacked it, it turns out that he is feeling a little undervalued within his school community and felt the need to embellish the occasional story. Keep up the good advice Drew.

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