The Truth about Leading by Example

Leading by example is hard.

Broadly speaking, I hope to teach my children 2 things.

  1. To love themselves. This means being true to themselves, accepting themselves, being responsible for themselves, and believing in themselves.
  2. To love others. This means being true to others, accepting others, empowering others, and believing in others.

I have to teach this by BEING this. How do I be this?


  • I have to love, be true, accept, be responsible for, and believe in myself.

And then:

  • I have to love my children, be true to, accept, and empower them.

And then they must watch me

  • Love others, be true to others, accept others empower others, and believe in others.

There is a lot of truth in these simple statements. If you are interested in teaching children this, then they must see and feel it.

It won’t really matter what lessons you try to teach in any one moment, if the experience isn’t lived and felt, it won’t stick. It’s a tough truth to realize. There is a lot of responsibility here, but so much opportunity.

Parenting definitely is the real deal… Transformational if you let it be.

In truth and love,


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