Faith Restored

Having children for me has been more of a personal/spiritual journey than I could have ever imagined.

This is how it went; my thought process boiled down:

    Oh wow my kids are good. They are pure of heart. They were born this way. There is nothing wrong with them. I should really do my best to treat them well, to preserve or encourage this goodness.
    Oh wow, if my kids are good, maybe I’m good too. Could I be good? Why not? If my kids were born good, I suppose I was too. Maybe I should believe in that, and connect with my own goodness.
    Holy moly, if my kids are good and I’m good, maybe everyone else is too. Wow. People good…in their hearts they really are. They were all born this way. Maybe I should look for the goodness in people and speak to that part of them, always.

My children, my beautiful children, basically restored my faith in humanity. Or maybe I never really knew this before. So, if they didn’t restore it, then they definitely revealed something powerful.

I have received no greater gift in my life.

So then, what do I owe them? What responsibility do I have to them, myself and everyone else if I have been lucky enough to experience such a powerful truth?

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