Dads! What is your tone?

Tone can be empowering, enthusiastic, trusting…hopeful. When it is, we get inspired to do great things, to be cooperative, to be the best we can be.

In a similar way, the tone we set as Dads, greatly impacts the success and well being of our children.

As parents, we are leaders and children will react to parental leaders much in the same way that adults will react to organizational leaders.

Just like a good boss, parents can positively influence the amount of buy-in and cooperation they get from children. But we have to manage our own behavior first.

This turns things on it’s head. To realize that my leadership (and behavior) so directly influences the behavior of my kids came as a bit of a surprise to me. But, almost as soon as I changed the way I interacted with my kids, and changed my tone, they changed too!

Who doesn’t want more cooperation and buy in? But the tone we set at home is where it all begins.

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