The Things I’d like you to know

Above all else, I’d like you to know
that I love you, and this will always be so.
Just who you are is as good as can be.
You don’t need to change, not ever for me.

You are great, you are whole,
and you are complete.
From your head to your toes.
From your heart to your feet.

You have a gift which is big, a gift that is great.
You can start giving it now, you don’t have to wait.
Sharing kind words and sharing a smile,
helping a friend never goes out of style.

Kindness and love are the best things you can give.
A life filled with helping is the best life you can live.
So, give of yourself, and don’t be afraid.
Soon you’ll find out, all the ways you’ll be paid.

Your voice can be loud, your voice can be clear.
You don’t need to hide, you don’t need to fear.
So stand up for yourself and what you believe.
Follow your heart, and you will achieve
A life full of meaning, a life full of pride.
Your are in charge with your heart as your guide.
So trust yourself and the voice that you own
from the time you are little, till the time you’re full grown

It’s okay to be sad, and feel what you feel
Some days will be hard. It’s part of the deal.
Feeling our feelings is the best thing we can do.
Sometimes this is hard when the feeling is blue.

We all can get scared, and angry too.
Here is a secret about what you can do.
Share your feelings with someone you trust.
Breathe and Breathe deeply, this is a must.

We all make mistakes, yes everyone does.
All children, all adults, and it’s all because
no one is perfect, not you and not me.
How lucky is this? Knowing this sets us free.
So try and try hard, even though you might trip.
Be brave, take chances even after you slip.
You only live once, so give it your all.
Give the best of yourself even though you might fall.

Own how you act, for we are what we do.
Be humble, be real, to yourself always true.
But be mindful of others and how they might feel.
When we listen we love, when we listen we heal.

All people are good, even though it might seem
some people are angry and some people are mean.
But all people are human and need love like the rest.
People live lives that we might not have guessed.

So send out your love and your positive vibe.
And before you know it you’ll soon find your tribe.
Folks that inspire you to rise to great heights.
Positive people who fight the good fights.

Be kind to yourself and take care of this Earth.
Embrace your life’s purpose and your fateful birth.
Trust in Goodness, it’s all that is true.
Life’s great adventure is waiting for you.

I love you my sweet.

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